Friday, March 8, 2013

Goofy Gadgets - Temple Run Oz

A logo showing a monkey head behind the words Oz

Recently I have been playing a lot of Temple Run 2. It’s become my time suck of choice over that last few weeks. But it’s not Mousey! Yes I do allow myself some non-Mousey things!

But then, much like Disney did with Brave, Disney had a version of Temple Run made to promote Oz The Great and Powerful. And though I have not logged the time I have with the other versions yet, I am really enjoying this version.

In Temple Run Oz, you are the wizard running down the Yellow Brick Road being chased by a flying Monkey. The game has much of the functionality as Temple Run 2 with similar bonuses and the ability to continue the run by using earned gems. The backgrounds however are very Oz focused. And there are some twists to the game, with walkways dropping before the Wizard arrives on them and obstacles that fall onto the road in front of you. Additionally some obstacles can reach out and grab the Wizard as you run. Another change is the addition of backgrounds. So instead of running through the same basic backgrounds again and again, I have already unlocked the Dark Forest background which helps to provide variety to the game.

The Wizard running down the yell brick road.
Running Down the Yellow Brick Road

One change between Temple Run and Temple Run 2 was the addition of non-running stages. In Temple Run 2 your runner is dropped into a mine car for a portion of their run and rides through a mine. The Oz version of the game has replaced the mine car with the Wizard’s balloon. One has to navigate the balloon between crystals to keep the balloon moving forward. Honestly I prefer this balloon phase to the mine car version, mostly because I am mastering it more quickly.

The Wizard flys his balloon.
The Wizard Takes Flight

If you enjoy Temple Run, Temple Run Brave, or Temple Run 2 you will likely find yourself wasting, I mean investing, time playing this new version. The only thing to consider is Temple Run Oz costs a whole 99 cents, while Temple Run 2 is free. So you may wish to start with the non-Disney branded version to help determine if Oz is a land you want to run through.

iOS 5.0 or later is required to run this application  

Excuse me, I need to go become unproductive now.


  1. Sounds cool. As some folks on FB have been saying, would that they had done the same for John Carter! - Mike Poteet