Friday, September 7, 2012

Goofy Gadgets - Temple Run: Brave

Logo Temple Run: Brave
My niece asked for my iPad.  She’s adorable and I find it difficult to say no to her.  Then I discovered that this youngster knew how to download apps onto it and I now had a copy of Temple Run, which was luckily free for me to enjoy.  I asked her what she knew about it after she started to play.  All she knew for sure was all the kids were playing it at school so it had to be good.

Temple Run is pretty simple.  You are a treasure hunter running through a temple attempting to escape a hoard of apes trying to capture you.  As you run you have to jump over obstacles like tree stumps and gaps in the ground.  You pick up coins as you run which you can use to pay for strengthened power ups which could boost you ahead or earn you more coins.  You can also use coins to buy new treasure hunters to run with.  The game gets more difficult as you run.  And you always will be caught or fall.

So, I was finding Temple Run a minor distraction, which I picked it up several times.  But then one day the Between Tween, with mom’s permission, paid the 99 cents to download Temple Run: Brave, inspired by the Disney Pixar movie Brave.  And then my time spent on this game concept escalated!

Screenshot from Temple Run: Brave
Screenshot from Temple Run: Brave

In Temple Run: Brave you are Merida running away from the bear Mordu through an ancient ruin.  The game play is basically the same though they have added an archery challenge.  Occasionally a number of targets will come up with hitting with an arrow will get the player more coins!  All one has to do to hit the target is tap the side of the screen the target is on before you pass it.  And as you earn coins you can buy additional outfits for Merida.

Screenshot showing archery feature.
Temple Run: Brave now with archery!

I find the game play very easy.  In fact I find it easier than the original.  Merida moves to the right and left of the path fairly easily, where in Temple Run it feels harder to move the runner on the path. 

The only issue I have found is Merida when you switch costumes is sometimes pointed the wrong way.  So she might be running straight but facing in another direction.  And this looks really really odd. 

Overall, I really enjoy Temple Run: Brave and I have played it for weeks.  If anything I have moved to Temple Run more and more because the Disney version has made it easier for me to play.  But I still come back because I enjoy the archery element.  I highly recommend you download Temple Run: Brave for your iPad or iPod. 

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