Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dreaming Disney - A Year Later

Sign from Disneyland Park: Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.
A year ago I posted the first real blog post on Between Disney.  I had reserved the old blogspot address months ahead of time and had considered blogging but I was uncommitted, waiting for the prefect time and content to start.  I really did not know a lot about web publishing, I still do not as I look as some of the color clashes in the older posts, and I felt that I had to be the perfect Disney enthusiast as far as knowledge and skill before I launched.
In August 2011, standing in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail watching the Between Tween run through the obstacles I decided it was time to just start something.  Only by starting something would something happen, no matter how badly I articulated my point of view and no matter how bad the posts were I had to have action in order to say that I was “moving forward.”  All I knew for sure is I had some Disney stuff in my head and I wanted an avenue to at least share that stuff with myself.
When I made my first post, I preset metrics for evaluating what I would consider success.  After about 7 months my metrics for the year were absolutely crushed!  I have been shocked by the reaction and the friendliness of the Disney fan community and I thank you all.
Once again, thank you for the last year and here is to the next year of chronicling life in Betweenland!