Friday, May 10, 2013

Oswald Opines - Long Live the Clone Wars

Episode VII Fan Poster showing the Millenium Falcon with Mickey Ears

A little over a month ago I suggested that Disney fans join RebelForce Radio in writing Bob Iger to save Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  And then a day later the news of the show's cancellation hit the press.  And I thought the story was over!

And then this week, I received this letter.  And I have to admit I was shocked and a little overexcited to get a letter addressed from LucasFilm.

Photo of picture from LucasFilm

Here are my brief thoughts on this letter:

  • The Padawan: I think many Disney fans, including me, worried  what cancelling the show would mean for the career of Dave Filoni at LucasFilm.  In my opinion, Filoni is a master storyteller, a brilliant director, a skilled organizer, and George Lucas' padawan.  I think the second part is important.  From interviews it is clear that Filoni has spent hours with Lucas discussing Star Wars back story, meaning and intent.  Filoni is probably one of a few in the world that have such a high understanding of Lucas' intent.  And as a Disney fan I do not want to see him go elsewhere.  In many ways Filoni should be seen as a John Lasseter for Star Wars animation.  This letter makes it clear that Filoni was not one of those laid off and is in fact working on the next Star Wars animated saga.  And that is a little victory.  

  • The Admiral:  I sent my letter to Disney and Iger.  The response I received was from Kathleen Kennedy.  I think this shows that Disney corporate is going to treat Kennedy as Lasseter and Ed Catmull.  She will be the voice and creative director of a Disney subdivision.  And even if some of the changes (layoffs, 3D cancellations  seem to match Disney trends, LucasFilm will have a voice separate from the Disney CEO.

  • The King is Dead, Long Live the King: Star Wars: The Clone Wars is gone.  It will not be coming back.  No matter how well received the bonus content is, the show will not be coming back.  LucasFilm has moved on, Filoni has moved on, and they would like fans to move Episode VII.  Clearly, as many have reported, their efforts will be directed towards preparing us for the next trilogy.   

I am still shocked.  I never expected Disney or LucasFilm to respond.  There was nothing that said that Disney had to spend the 46 cents for a stamp and send me a letter.  I have received less consideration from publishers I have contacted and a apparel store that messed up a recent hat order.  Honestly, part of me did not think my favorite animated show could be saved.  And it was not.  But I am starting to move on.  As the letter notes, they did give me an ending.  And the show lasted than most animated television series.  I am moving on, straight into the next chapter when I can take the Between Kids to new Star Wars in the theater.      

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