Monday, May 5, 2014

Mousey Movie (TV) Preview - Star Wars Rebels Full Trailer

The first full trailer of Star Wars Rebels is live!

This seems to me to be a little more kid friendly than Star Wars The Clone Wars, which I loved.

We do get to see Kanan the Jedi Cowboy in action, and I do think this is a hero we are going to want to see more of.  It appears he is continuing the struggle against the Sith in the shadows.

There is a Mandalorian helmet!  And it is on one of our rebels!  And it's a female!  Is she a bounty hunter?  How did she get this helmet?  I want to know more!

Overall, I think that Star Wars Rebels is going to be a success.  And like the Marvel cartoons on Disney XD, it will help prepare us for the movies.  Perhaps the key to moving forward to the newest movie is to see Stormtrooper armor yet again!

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