Friday, May 2, 2014

Goofy Gadgets - Disney Infinity 2.0 featuring Marvel Superheroes

My family is a big fan of Disney Infinity.  And I am clearly a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (shameless plug for podcast here).  So when earlier it was previewed that Marvel would be included in the next wave of Disney Infinity, well I was pretty excited.

This week, Disney showed us more than a shield and let us all that will be coming with the next iteration of this game.

Okay, this is pretty exciting.  And here is why I will be lining up in Fall to buy 2.0.

  • All of my favorite MCU heroes are here.
  • Everything I already own is compatible with the new disc, which includes enhanced game play.
  • Marvel themed play sets and toy box items will exist.  The Between Kids have loved wandering through New York in LEGO Marvel Superheroes, but now they can create that world. 
  • Rocket Racoon and Groot!  Seriously they have the potential to be huge for Marvel!
  • Lola flies! 
All that is left is for them to add Agent Coulson and I would be set for a good long time!  Are you happy with this marvelous addition?

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