Monday, May 19, 2014

Between Books - More Cute Stories Volume 4: 1964/65 New York World's Fair

I really do feel like the More Cute Stories series of recordings by Rolly Crump really hit a peak with the last volume.   And I am eager for more, especially after a volume that was organized so well around a central theme.   As I started Volume 4, I hoped my enthusiasm would still be high!

More Cute Stories Volume 4: 1964/65 New York World's Fair narrated by Rolly Crump details Crump's experiences with a key moment in Disney history, the 1964 - 1965 World's Fair.  This period of Disney history allowed Walt Disney to test the appetite for an East Coast park and ushered in attraction expansion at Disneyland.  Crump discusses how he was transferred from Disneyland to World's Fair projects.  He details the numerous projects he was part of including it's a small world, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Carousal of Progress and many more.  Along with the details of attraction design he also highlights the people he worked with and the experience of being a West Coaster living in New York.

For me the real joy in this volume is Mary Blair.  Rolly clearly enjoyed working with Blair and as having her as a mentor.  He goes into detail discussing his early impressions of her art.  And he outlines their first meeting.  You get the sense as Rolly talks that he saw Blair as someone who helped foster his design skills.  Crump's enthusiasm for his late friend is clear.  And one cannot admire Blair as he talks about his friend.  And as a Disney fan it is especially exciting as he discusses the private moments like touring New York.  Along with Blair, Crump raves about Bob Gurr who Crump declares to be his friend.  And anyone who has read about the two men can see how they could be fast friends.  And with all of these volumes, admiration for Walt Disney is undeniable. 

Crump does promise discussion of the "wild times" after work.  Yes he does share some stories including one that lead to a 30 year rift!  But one does not get the sense of a party atmosphere beyond typical adults playing on a work trip.  Though I do wonder how a Disney Legend feels about Crump recounting his last day on site at the World's Fair!

More Cute Stories Volume 3 is still my favorite.  But the use of a centralized theme in More Cute Stories Volume 4: 1964/65 World's Fair shares the idea of a topical foundation that makes both volumes a road map that allows the reader to know their place in the story.  And like past volumes, hearing these stories straight from a Disney Legend is exciting and worth the cost (which as Bamboo Forest Publishing often does includes a economical digital version).  For Disney history fans, this title is a fun must have for the audio Between Books collection. 

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