Friday, August 9, 2013

Oswald Opines - Limited Time Magic

Oswald Opines - Limite Time Magic
Happy Hans Plays On the Matterhorn

I have heard a lot of folks express their opinions on podcasts and blogs about Disney Parks’ Limited Time Magic promotion this year.  But I was holding off making an opinion until I experienced it myself.  In fact, I was kind of excited that during my summer vacation at the Disneyland Resort there would be some new entertainment that I had not planned for.  But would it hold up as I experienced three offerings of Limited Time Magic?

  • 4th of July All Week:  The Between Family hit the park on the last day of this offering.  We were promised 4th of July fireworks, merchandise and food.  I never saw food.  None of the merchandise was for me.  And the fireworks were fireworks, though it was very nice to see a new fireworks show since I have only seen “Magical” at Disneyland.   So in the end the fireworks were a value add, but that was the only bonus to my one day of this offering. 

  • Alpine Music on the Matterhorn: For the majority of days in the park the promotion was Happy Hans and his son Eric joining the Matterhorn climbers on this park icon.  I could see a little yellow spot from various locations on the park, but it was not until the last day of the promotion that I actually heard the duo play.  The music was good, I heard an Alpine remix of “it’s a small world” but sadly the very loud music drummed out the audio from the Walking in Walt’s Footsteps tour.  The other bonus was the Matterhorn Macaroon at Edelwiess Snacks.  Now I love this snack, and the Between Kid could eat them like Dole Whip!  We ate a few of the macaroons on this trip.  But they were all purchased at the Jolly Holiday Bakery.  So sadly, this promotion had little to no impact on my touring.

  • The Dapper Dans Sing: So we were also in the park for one day of the Dapper Dans singing boy band songs.  This is a repeat offering.  I saw the Dapper Dans once with a gathering of 50 or so guests around them from the other side of Main Street.  I could not hear them singing, had places to go and could not stop to listen to their take on the Backstreet Boys!  So it did not impact my vacation.

In my opinion, Limited Time Magic added little to my vacation.  It could have been Limited Time Meh.  The offerings, unlike the return of the Golden Horseshoe Review, created no excitement in the Between Family.  I am very glad we did not take Limited Time Magic into account in our vacation planning.  We honestly could not be bothered by the offerings to stop our walks to attractions we were excited about.  After being in the park during the Year of a Million Dreams, I was very disappointed as there was no excitement around this year’s marketing promotion.  Maybe in 2014, they will do better!

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