Monday, August 5, 2013

Dreaming Disney - Disney Infinity's "Summer of Endless Fun"

Dreaming Disney - Disney Infinity's "Summer of Endless Fun"

I was lucky on my last vacation to the Disneyland Resort to find out more about another way to bring the Disney magic home, Disney Infinity.

I just happened to be in Anaheim for the first day of the “Summer of Endless Fun” tour which allowed Disney Interactive to show off their latest game at Downtown Disney, Disney Infinity. I attended the July 7th session in Downtown Disney. The tour spot included a tent, under which they showcased the game on a number of different platforms. Those waiting to try out Disney Infinity were entertained with music by Radio Disney. We were also given the chance to pre-order the game while standing in line!

It was a popular event. I got to the tent within the first hour of it opening and had to wait at least 45 minutes for my chance to play. While waiting I was given a Disney Infinity bag, button and place mat shaped handout with game specs. The crowd seemed to be a mix of folks looking for free stuff with little knowledge of the game and people who wanted to know more about the game but who had heard of it. I knew of the game, but honestly I did not fully have a grasp of what the game would entail. I had already pre-ordered, and the sales representative making the pitch to me told me my bonuses were better than they were offering that day.

Once in the tent, I got about 4 minutes of game play. I got to play as Mater driving around Radiator Springs. The console I was using was not one that I have at home, we were not given choices. So it took me longer than I wanted to learn the controls. Basically my big achievement during this time was snagging cars with Mater’s hook and giving them a toss across the landscape. The representative assigned to me asked me questions about what I liked and wanted the game to do to help keep the conversation going. And we discussed what I had pre-ordered and what I would need to make what I have alright purchased work in more than the Toy Box mode. I also found out about the Power Disc sets, $4.99 for a random pack, which could be a big collectible along with giving your game cool features. When I was finished, I was given t-shirts for the Between Kids. For it being such a short time I did walk away with a decent amount of stuff and increased knowledge about the game.

The “Summer of Endless Fun” tour honestly made me more excited about Disney Infinity. I told myself if I did not enjoy it I was going to cancel my pre-order. Instead I walked away thinking about what else I wanted to order! Disney Infinity will clearly help bring the magic home in the between months ahead!

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