Friday, August 30, 2013

Between Books - Be Our Guest

Between Books - Be Our Guest

Disney clearly puts an emphasis with their cast on customer service. What principles has Disney used when establishing their emphasis on guests and a magical experience? How can other companies learn from the Disney experience? These questions are answered in Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service by the Disney Institute with Theodore Kinni.

Be Our Guest outlines for the business professional how Disney develops and implements the value of great customer service. The book emphasizes how Disney has attempted to understand what guests want. And then through the cast, setting, processes and integration they deliver those wants to the guest. The book stresses the need to build a culture, with numerous examples from both Disney and other companies showing how values must be built into corporate cultures, and the power of that culture when employees understand the values place in shared culture. Examples from throughout Disney Parks history are used when describing the principles discussed.

So, I will be honest. I read this book to get specifically information about Mickey’s Ten Commandments, which sadly for me was really only about 2 to 3 pages of information. The book itself is a business book, and is of most interest to those interested in customer service. The hard core Disney fan may understand the points better because of the Disney points. But honestly it lacks the Disney history that would keep the interest of most Between Books readers. So it may not be for every Disney fan.

Be Our Guest provides readers pointers on providing better customer service. The Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni provide Disney settings to make their points. But the text is really more Business than Disney.

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