Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mousey Movie Preview - Iron Man 3's First Trailer

Movie poster showing Tony Stark standing in front of 7 Iron Man suits
Honestly, we had a fantastic superhero summer.  And I really applaud Marvel and Disney for providing us The Avengers, which was action packed and super super fun.  But with The Dark Knight Rises, behind us and not finding time to watch  Looper yet,  the latest James Bond offering of Skyfall was all that I had to look forward to in future live action offerings. 
And then Marvel released the first trailer for Iron Man 3!  Building on The Avengers and its recent home video release, well I got excited again. 

What did you think?  Things explode a lot, including things I do not really want to see destroyed.  Tony mentions New York, a clear reference to The Avengers and how it changed him.  He clearly is not mentally doing well when Iron Man 3 opens.  I do question how his friend Captain America or at least a few random S.H.I.E.L.D. agents do not show up when someone blows up Tony Stark’s mansion!  But maybe that will be explained in the movie, or maybe they will be there.  I am not sure about Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin yet.  He does look super creepy, give that guy a nice refreshing shower. 
Thank you Marvel and Disney for getting me excited for May 3, 2013, and giving me a reason to get excited for live action again!  I just hope this installment is as Mousey as Iron Man and Iron Man 2.           

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