Monday, October 15, 2012

Between Books - Poster Art of the Disney Parks

Cover showing a Disney Castle of the Poster Art of the Disney Parks
I think it’s pretty safe to say that Bjorn Aronson is my favorite artist.  I had heard the name, but not truly ever connected my fandom of Aronson with the actual artist.  Well, not until I read Danny Handke and Vanessa Hunt’s Poster Art of the Disney Parks.  Handke and Hunt provide readers a brief history of Disney attraction posters including their production.  This is followed by a tour of each land within the Magic Kingdom style parks, showing off the striking posters that Disney artists have created.  Pages include comparisons of posters from the same attraction in parks in the United States, Asia and Europe.   After displaying the art of the Magic Kingdom’s, the authors add chapters on Disney California Adventure and Tokyo DisneySea. 
There has been a lot said about this book.  These words have included artistic, beautiful, delightful, wonderful, fantastic, and probably awesome.  This is all true.  This book is a must have for Disney fans who will be delighted by the images included on Poster Art of the Disney Parks’ pages.  The discussion of the creation of posters may be insightful for some, but the images and posters are the star of the book. 
My criticism is I want more.  I would have other parks including in the book, such as Epcot.  The authors hint of this by showing us posters from Disney California Adventure and Tokyo DisneySea.  Basically, we are given a peak at great from other Disney parks but we do not get the final full payoff.
Well, some of you have probably already purchased this book.  Congratulations, and enjoy this book.  If you do not have it yet, put Poster Art of the Disney Parks on your radar, Christmas and birthday lists.  It is a wonderful book that will become a cherished volume of your Between Books library. 

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