Friday, October 26, 2012

Dreaming Disney - Dole Whip in Betweenland

(yo)gurt[lab] sign
As I write this, I am eating Dole Whip….in Betweenland!
I am a happy boy!
When I wrote the history of Dole Whip for Celebrations, Precision Foods mentioned that the mix was becoming popular in self-serve yogurt stores.  I had never seen one of these at the time I completed my interview I had never visited a yogurt store.  Honestly, I had no idea what was being described.  Months later one opened in my area, and I have visited it a few times.  Every time I entered hoping that pineapple would be an option.  And every time I was disappointed.  Recently I traveled through Betweenland and visited an Orangeleaf.  My friends claimed that pineapple was often an option.  When I visited, no dice!  And I inspected the wall showing all their options and at least at this store pineapple was not a possibility.     
I had come home defeated!
Today I was passing by a store I had seen a few times.  As I looked in I could see the letters “Pi” on the front of one of the soft serve machines.  I had to look.  It said pineapple and as I enjoyed my sample one phrase came to mind, “Dole Whip!”
Pi sign on soft serve machine for pineapple soft serve.
The Sign of Success
I asked the clerk if she knew if the mix was from Precision Foods in order to verify that it was authentic and not a knockoff mix.  She was unaware of the mixes' origins and a few seconds later I realized its origins were relevant, because the taste and texture is right! 
A cup of pineapple softserve.
It may not look as pretty, but it had me at first bite!
The store located in downtown Minneapolis is called (yo)gurt[lab].  There appears to be four locations throughout the Twin Cities.  They had me at first taste!   This is only the second time I have found Dole Whip in the wild, and this source should hopefully be more consistent.  The first is truly temporary, the Minnesota State Fair.  And I do not like to go there, it's crazier than Walt Disney World on the 4th of July!   
Now, where can I get cold pineapple juice?  I feel the need for a Dole Whip float!


  1. I just went to a yogurt place in my new neighborhood last weekend and they also have a pineapple flavored yogurt! I was all excited about it. Felt like a little piece of Disney smack dab in the middle of my day!

  2. I understand. For me it was the middle of a cold day and all the sudden I had Dole Whip in my hands. I even let it melt a little so I could pretend it was a hot day in the parks!