Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mousey Movie Preview - The Lone Ranger Teaser Trailer

Movie Poster for the Lone Ranger
For a good chunk of my childhood there were 4 television stations in my house; ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS all coming literary over the airways.  Without cable TV, which I thought one had to be rich to have, viewing options were limited on weekend days where weather might keep a kid inside.  With my limited options, I did watch a lot of black and white westerns (often on a black and white TV).  This made me very familiar with the Lone Ranger, played by Clayton Moore, and his companion Tonto, portrayed by Jay Silverheels.  I was one of the few who were excited in 1981 for The Legend of the Lone Ranger because I was finally going to see these characters in color!  I can remember watching The Legend of the Long Ranger at least three times as a kid, which was remarkable since we did not have cable in the house or this newfangled device called a VCR.
So when I heard Disney was going to take a crack at bringing the Lone Ranger to the big screen I had mixed thoughts.  On the positive side, it was bringing back feelings of nostalgia for me.  On the other hand I was a superhero and not a western guy.  Honestly, I cannot remember the last western I have paid money to see the theater.  I think I may have been a teenager.   
Disney has launched a teaser trailer to begin the excitement for the 2013 release of The Lone Ranger.

What did you think?
At the moment I am still mixed.  There was a time when pirate movies did not get me interested, and this team changed my mind.  I do feel like this is the sort of movie that Walt Disney would have enjoyed solely because how much a train is highlighted.  It has a feel of The Great Locomotive Chase because of the train’s prominence.  If anything the train is the star of the trailer.  I will admit when I saw a shot of Helena Bonham Carter I asked myself if Tim Burton produced this movie!
At the moment I am optimistic but not fully on board the train!        

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