Friday, January 25, 2013

Mousey Movies - Lilo & Stitch

Movie poster showing Stitch encircled by other Disney characthers.
Love him or hate him you still have to admit that Stitch is part of the Mouse Family. The lovable/despicable alien’s merchandise is everywhere and sells! In the Between Family, Stitch is beloved. The Between Tween when younger got into fights with PhotoPass photographers looking to add magic to photos. They wanted a terrified reaction to match up with the inclusion of Stitch in the photos. Why would you act scared when your lovable friend Stitch emerges? That is absurd the young Between Tween would announce. Luckily in 2012 we found a photographer that understood the excitement and encouraged an over the top thrilled reaction. The Tween loves the photos of Stitch happily popping into frame.

In this Mousey feature, Lilo & Stitch, alien criminal Stitch flees to Earth. While trying to hide from his captors he meets and bonds with a young girl named Lilo. Lilo has recently lost her parents and her guardian and older sister struggles with growing up more quickly than one might want. Lilo adopts Stitch as her family pet, in a family where family matters.  this Alan Silverstri scored film is here to stay with all it's Mouseyness:

  • He’s a Tramp: Lilo meets Stitch in an animal rescue shelter. While Stitch pretends to be a dog there are a number of real dogs in the kennel. They should look familiar to Disney fans as they are stylized after the dogs from the kennel in Lady and the Tramp.

  • Stitch: In 2002, Chris Sanders did it all in Lilo & Stitch! Sanders providing the voice, writing the story, designing characters and directing the film. Sanders mark on this franchise is impossible to ignore. Sanders, a CalArts graduate, is linked to several Disney animated classics especially in story in visual development for The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan and Fantasia 2000. He followed up Lilo & Stitch with the sequels Stitch! The Movie and Lilo & Stitch: Stitch Has a Glitch. In 2006 Sanders left Disney employment as rumors swirled that John Lasseter and he had disagreements over the story of the movie that would become Bolt. Reports have downplayed the rift since, especially since Sanders returned and voiced Stitch and Leroy in Leroy and Stitch. Also in 2012 he has participated in D23 fan events, so hopefully some reconciliation has occurred. Sanders has had continued success at Dreamworks with films such as How to Train Your Dragon

  • Postcards from the Edge: At one point Stitch looks through some postcards. One postcard is from Orlando, the location of Stitch’s third home in the Walt Disney World Resort. And another is from San Francisco, home of the Walt Disney Family Museum, which I am desperate to visit!

  • A113: It is very standard for animators who are also alumni of CalArts to hide their former classroom in their movies. In Stitch they really hit us over the head with A113 as every license plate, every single one be it car, gas truck or fire truck is A113.

Ohana means family, a message that the Between Family reminds ourselves of a lot. The Between Tween also likes to remind me that meat on sticks is delicious! I like Lilo & Stitch in the final assessment, though honestly if the Between Kids are rewatching it I tend to look for something else to watch. But based on the number of times I have heard the opening theme when cruising the roads of Betweenland behind my head, Lilo & Stitch continues to be a kid hit.

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