Friday, January 11, 2013

Goofy Gadgets - Disney Super Speedway

Title for Disney Super Speedway flashing play button

I find a lot of potential in Disney Super Speedway for iOS devices. But in the end, there has been a hiccup for me that I cannot overcome!

Disney Super Speedway is honestly a typical racer game in the Mario Kart, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Sugar Rush variety, that most would be familiar with. Of course there is a Disney twist. Races are held in stadiums and tracks themed after Disney Channel and Disney XD programs. For example, one can race through the Phineas & Ferb themed Doof’s Tower or the Fish Hooks themed Freshwater High. Additionally, the player races as a character from these television programs, with the default being Phineas. One can purchase with coins earned in races additional characters such as Randy Cunningham, Dipper, Mabel, Agent P, Ferb, and others. Racers can earn coins by hitting them while racing or by reaching achievements, like placing high in a race. These coins can then be used for upgrading your character or racer. Personally, I want to earn enough coins to race as Dipper! After one places in the three races within a level, an additional harder level is made available. The controls are fairly simple, simple enough that every member of the Between Family has had little trouble playing the game. One simply turns the iOS device the direction one wishes to go, and taps the screen to access boosts like rockets and increased speed. A nice addition to the racing functionality is the ability to drift.
Screenshot showing Phineas jumping a ramp.
Screenshot from Disney Super Speedway
I do have a major problem, and it could be limited to just me as the Between Kids have not reported this problem on their devices. My history constantly disappears. So I have completed the entire first level, in fact I have gotten first in all three races. Sadly, I have done this at least four times as it seems after I return from an extended break that my history has been reset. Actually rolled back as it shows I have earned first place in one of the three easy races. Additionally, my earned coins have all disappeared. So I am unable to horde enough coins to buy Dipper! This has led me to loss enthusiasm for this game application as time goes on.

If one is looking for a free iOS racing application and are Disney fans, Disney Super Speedway may be a good option with its Disney theming. Sadly for me I have had a technical glitch that has limited my enjoyment!

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