Friday, May 22, 2015

Cap's Comics - Darth Vader #5

How does one replace a Darth Vader?  Who will take Vader's place next to the Emperor if he was to falter?  Kieron Gillen asks this question in Darth Vader #5 "Vader Part V."

In the Outer Rim, Darth Vader traces his potential replacement at the Emperor's side.  Vader finds an oddly organic/mechanical ship (which looks like a tricked out Leviathan from The Avengers) which holds his prey.  The Dark Lord takes the ship with the aid of his assassin robots, Aphra and his newly acquired droid army.  But will what Vader find be rich in the force?  And what plans does the Emperor have for Vader's potential replacement?

First and foremost the Adi Granov cover is gorgeous.  It may be the best of any of the Star Wars' covers to date.  It is simple, yet detailed.  And while Darth Vader may be hard to draw, Granov nails him.  Not to be outdone Salvador Larroca's interior art is also well done.  And I find a panel of Aphra especially striking on the first page.  She communicates excitement and wonder from her eyes letting me know the following page would reveal something exciting.  And this is good since the central character really cannot emote!  As Vader takes the ship, the soldiers lining the halls scream Star Wars to me while also providing a different look to an old theme.  Artistically I was very pleased with this issue. 

The story itself is largely fighting.  But we get to see Vader fight a variety of opponents.  I found it brisk and exciting.  Honestly, I would have liked more development of Aphra, who really is a secondary character.  

The elephant, I mean Emperor, in the room wants to see a demonstration.  Does Vader have a successor ready to take his place?  And what role will the Force have in the future of the Empire.  All this and more at the same Star Wars Time and Same Star Wars Channel!

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