Friday, June 21, 2013

Mousey Movie Preview - Frozen's First Trailer

Mousey Movie Preview - Frozen's Poster showing giant snowflake

Disney has released the first trailer for Frozen to be released November 2013.

This movie has had a lot of excitement and hype around let's see if it lives up to it.

You know what, I just feel like I have seen this before.

Yeah it seems to be something like that.  Scrat finds nut.  Scrat loses nut.  Scrat chases nut.

But this time it is a carrot.

The Between Wife says I am thinking too hard!

The Between Tweens says it is cute.

The Between Kid says, awesome.

A faithful blog reader says, " I've heard the Ice Age comparison. I will agree they are similar but the other part of me knows that Frozen nothing like Ice Age."

As one who was interested but not yet excited by Frozen, I have become scared for the production.  Trailers should make you excited.  For me this one just lands flat.  And as someone who lived through John Carter, well trailers are important!

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