Friday, March 21, 2014

Cap's Comics - Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird #3

In Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird #3 the stakes get big.  We discover with the kids Melody and Maxwell Keep that the lives of their parents are not the only thing at stake.  In fact their adventure within the Museum of the Weird has global consequences.  The Coffin Clock that they must seek to get their parents back is more than just a clock.  It is in fact a key to unleashing incredible evil across the face of the Earth.  Which means the duo will find unexpected allies and unintended enemies in their quest to find the Clock.  And Uncle Roland's motivations begin to come into doubt.  And being just kids, the two must decide how badly they want to save their parents if the consequences are beyond their family.

You know, they have done a real nice job giving us an all-ages comic and a scary one.  The mummy like Husks are scary.  And the Mushroom People that the kids are chased by in this story are somewhat creepy.  But none of it is so scary that I would not hand my oldest this comic.  In fact I will tomorrow.  In many ways it is like the Haunted Mansion.  You can safely scared (and I hate scary).  So I do have to applaud what has been done here since it does feel very much like the spirit of Walt Disney in what Brandon Seifert has scripted.

The art does change in this issue.  Filipe Andrade takes over as artist.  And the art change is something one instantly picks up on.  I personally prefer that artists stay consistent in arcs or in this case a mini-series.  But after a few pages I was more worried about the kids than an art change-up.  And the art may have helped set the scary feel with images that are less photo-realistic.

Variant Cover
Really Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird has setup a little quest story.  And after issue three I feel like I know the stakes and the requirements of failing (and possibly succeeding).  And it is the kind of story I feel like I can had the Between Tween without fear.  And the fact that Melody is brandishing a lacrosse stick as a weapon is a bonus (the Between Tween is however completely disgusted with Maxwell and I wonder if this issue will help his stock).  I am enjoying this tale as an all-ages story I can share with a youngster and talk about all month long until the next issue hits the shelves.  And I expect like last month this is exactly what will happen! 

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