Monday, October 21, 2013

Between Books - The Art of Iron Man 2

Between Books - The Art of Iron Man 2

The Art of Iron Man 2 by John Barber and book design by Maz takes the reader behind the scenes of the 2010's Iron Man 2.  The book is fairly straight forward with chapters on the Iron Man armor, villains, settings, backgrounds and more.  The book is image rich with every page featuring images, concept designs and even story boards.  The text focuses on what was behind the choices that designers and film makers made in building Iron Man's world.

Really the star of the text is the photos.  The captions and text are likely not going to dig deep enough for fans who really want to tear apart of the movie.  For example, I would of really loved more analysis of how Walt Disney had helped inspire the Stark Expo, Disney receives one mention.  But the pictures are really fun and really help you see the evolution of Iron Man on the big screen.  For me one of the most enjoyable features was the close ups of the feebles, the armors made around the globe to attempt to keep up with Tony Stark's technology.

The Art of Iron Man 2 is great for fans who want to look at awesome armor designs and to understand what the filmmakers were wanting.  However, it may not be deep enough for those who want to drink deeply from the Iron Man mythos. 

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