Friday, April 26, 2013

Dreaming Disney - Monster's University M.A.T.

Mike and Sully in thier college dorm room.
As someone who's day job is in higher education, I have been really impressed with Monsters University and all the steps they have taken to make good old MU feel like a real school.  The school website is truly fantastic.

When I began to see social media messages about the M.A.T., well I needed to take the Monster's Aptitude Test, because I need to know if I could make the cut!

The M.A.T. can be found on the Monsters University Facebook page.  It consists of two stages.

First, one watches the newest trailer.  
Second, one takes a ten question exam.  The ten questions can truly be described as comprehension.  So before you take the exam watch and listen as carefully as possible.  I honestly did not do the best on the M.A.T., since I tend to miss the little little details.

I was kind of disappointed in the exam.  I was really hoping that this might have been a step towards me getting my ID card.  As I see tweets from my local weather man (what, really) about his Monster's University Alumni Foundation letter, well, I want in.  So I would love to see these go a step further and get me enrolled at MU.

The trailer itself does give us more about the story, and it does have more of an Animal House feel now.  The Between Tween did yell out with shock, "he was a nerd!"
 Randy Boggs from Monster's University  
So the M.A.T. is a success, because it got me to watch the new trailer which continues to keep me excited.  

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