Monday, August 27, 2012

Dreaming Disney - WDWNT: The Magazine

Cover of Issue 16 fo WDWNT: The Magazine

As you have probably figured out I read quite a bit, seriously a little less than half of my posts are Between Books!  So I am constantly looking for new things to read related to Disney.  Recently I picked up and devoured WDWNT: The Magazine a free fan written online magazine, that is did I mention free?  
The magazine is offered by the WDWNT podcast network on a monthly basis.  The magazine can be read in two ways.  One is to read it online through a web browser.  The second is to download the magazine into an e-reader device.  This if the format I prefer downloading the PDF file onto my computer and then emailing it as a document to my kindle account for upload on devices that support the Kindle application, which I am finding in the Between Family is a growing number of devices.  But I would give you this word of advice.  It is possible for you to download the file directly from the WDWNT: The Magazine website.  But this version of the file tends to display two pages of text simultaneously on the devices I read it on.  But by downloading the magazine from MagCloud I can access a file that is perfectly formatted for my device.  You can also order on demand print copies of WDWNT: The Magazine from MagCloud for a fee.
The articles themselves are fan written and vary in content.  They include regular monthly features on food (primarily in the Walt Disney World Resort), Vinylmation, things to try on a Disney Parks vacation, or experiences being evacuated from attractions.  Feature articles primarily focus on Disney parks and may range from the history of specific attractions, recaps of recent events within the parks, reviews of Disney theatrical releases to walkthroughs and reviews of new attractions (such as recent articles by Tom Corless on Cars Land and Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure).  This is just a tip of the iceberg being driven by the diversity of the writing staff and their personal interests.  
First and foremost, I love free.  Free is good!  And I appreciate being able to access a variety of Disney related articles for this one low low price.  Additionally, I have read articles on a number of topics that I was not fluent in.  I for example now understand the changes that had been made to the Mickey style Vinylmation mold.  I do enjoy the range of articles.  The magazine is not geographically centered on any one park, so the Disneyland Resort is a frequent topic in this magazine with roots in the Walt Disney World Resort.  And it is not uncommon to find a non-Disney article amongst its pages.
So if free fits your price range I suggest you add WDWNT: The Magazine to your reading diet.  It will help you dream of your next or last Disney vacation in Betweenland.  I do believe you will not be disappointed with the value for the price, of free! 

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