Friday, August 10, 2012

Goofy Gadgets - Disneyland Explorer for iPad

Screenshot showing a figure of Walt Disney in front of the Disneyland Castle
Screenshot from Disneyland Explorer
 The Between Family is constantly looking for ways to have Disney fun in Betweenland.  The youngest Between Kid has become a big fan of the free application Disneyland Explorer for iPad. 
“Disneyland Explorer for iPad” allows one to slide through a virtual tour of The Disneyland Resort including Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, the Downtown Disney District, and the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort.  The screen is filled with images from these locations and one truly just slides the image to navigate to another land, attraction or region within the resort.  Then by clicking on the images one can dig deeper into the attractions of the resort.  For example clicking on Monstro the Whale will allow you to pull up a more detailed picture of the Storybook Land Canal Boats.  But it’s the games that are a real hit.  Favorites include:
·         The Matterhorn: Play hide and seek with the Yeti.
·         Pirates of the Caribbean: Shoot at and sink pirate ships.
·         The Haunted Mansion: Play the organ.
·         Splash Mountain: Use a water cannon to fight off bees.
·         Star Tours – The Adventure Continues:  Visit alien worlds.
·         Fireworks at Disneyland Park: Create your own fireworks show.
·         Soarin’ Over California: Tour California landmarks.
All of the games are pretty simple with easy navigation and objectives.  For an adult they may be too simple.  But for a young child the navigation and goals are easily within their reach.  In many ways the younger you are, the more fun this free, yes free, application is.  It will help the entire family recapture their Disney memories or prepare for a Disneyland vacation.  If you love Disney and have an iPad in the house it is very worth your time to download Disneyland Explorer for iPad. 

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