Friday, August 17, 2012

Walt's Windows - Dreamfinder on The Today Show

Dreamfinder and Figment
Once I picked up From Dreamer to Dreamfinder I found myself looking for videos of incidents Ron Schneider included in his memoir.  One of the first I wanted to see was his October 1982 interview with Imagineer Barry Braverman on The Today Show being interviewed by Bryant Gumbel. 

Schneider describes the interview as, “The wig and hair were all wrong and I’m pushing too hard…like a new employee on his first day (Schneider, 100).”  Have a look for yourself:

I am no Dreamfinder expert, but I do agree that the beard looks as if it could fall off any moment.  And I know understand Schneider’s comments in his memoir about his early fake arm and how it did not look correct.  I think for me my biggest concern is that Gumbel treats Dreamfinder as a created character and not a living being.  But overall with failing beards and all, this interview would have gotten my young self excited if I had seen it for this new thing called Epcot. 


  1. I apologize for accidently deleting the comment about Braverman's history with Epcot. I personally did not have a lot of awareness with his work, but I think I need to look deeper into the good, and prehaps bad, of his impact on the park.

  2. Ron Schneider was the original "Dreamfinder" who helped bring the character to life. He has written a book about his wonderful legacy with Figment and Disney and it is available for purchase on Amazon. Being a full-time Dreamer doesn't pay much and he needs our support. Please pass it on!