Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dreaming Disney - Celebrating Roy O. Disney

I was very excited to have issue 24 of Celebrations hit my mailbox this week, with my profile of Roy O. Disney.  Roy O. Disney is one of my favorite figures in Disney history.  He was a man able to set aside his own ego to build the dreams of others.  I became interested in Roy O. Disney when reading Bob Thomas' Walt Disney: An American Original.  The portrait that Thomas paints leads the reader to know more about this man and his life.

The Roy O. Disney article is my first journey into writing for the Disney community.  And my experience with Celebrations has helped me connect to the Disney experience in the middle of Betweenland.  I'm just a guy who likes history with no Disney connections or special access but this experience has shown me you can chase Disney dreams wherever you are! 

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