Monday, March 12, 2012

Walt's Windows - Ward and Groucho

The Internet is not all jumping cats!  Sometimes you can find some awesome stuff out there on the web, finds that help you connect to your Disney experience.
Ward Kimball was one of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men, animator, director, artist, and Imagineer.  Kimball loved trains, a hobby that he shared with his employer.
Ward Kimball

On March 18, 1954, over a year before Disneyland would open, Kimball appeared on Groucho Marx’s trivia game show “You Bet Your Life.”  One can find Kimball’s complete appearance on YouTube, so much better than a tap dancing feline. 
The video gives us a fantastic look into one of the men who helped Walt Disney’s dreams become reality.

This video made me laugh, as it clearly shows that Kimball was a funny man.  As Kimball discusses his trains his love for them is clear and I doubt Marx met many men with three full trains in his backyard.  In 2005 Kimball’s love of trains was honored when Disneyland Engine #5 was named Ward Kimball.
My favorite moment of course is when he was asked a trivia question about a Walt Disney production.  The designer of Jiminy Cricket’s heart must have jumped when he heard his creation’s name.  Another favorite is his response on why he moved away from Minnesota, those living Between Disney completely agree!

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