Monday, March 5, 2012

Dreaming Disney - The Josh and Croz Show

They like superheroes, I like superheroes!
They like Batman, I like Batman!
They like Taco Bell, I love Taco Bell!
They like Star Wars, I like Star Wars!
They buy comic books, I borrow some from the library!
They get paid by Disney, I like Disney! 
So, let’s make it clear.  This really is not a Disney podcast The Josh and Croz Show is a pop culture podcast.  Now, Disney does come up as the company creates pop culture consumables.  And the hosts get their regular paychecks from the Mouse.  But just because they work at Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) does not mean you are going to hear the inside track on future projects.  In fact, you probably won’t.  It’s not like I send them the secrets of my job!  Okay, their jobs are probably a lot more interesting than mine!  Though they have discussed how they got hired by WDI. 
I said the show is about pop culture.  Well, mostly.  Sometimes it is honestly not clear what the show is about.  Once they shared an episode that was an hour of giggling early in the morning after working all night on a project, a project they were not at liberty to discuss.  And, as awkward as it sounds it was comedy gold!  In fact one of my least favorite episodes was when tried to be really really focused on an aspect of the Disney community.  I could have gotten the same content from WDW Today, WEDWay Radio, or other podcasts.  The show succeeds when they do what they do best, let us eavesdrop on conversations with each other and friends with no boundaries.  So if a Disney movie or trip to Disneyland comes up, let it.  But if Disney never comes up, the show is just as good.    
So why do I listen to Josh and Croz?  First, because it’s fascinating to hear creative people talk about pop culture.  And there is a mix of Disney items in there to keep me going.  Second, they are my barometer of what geeks, like me, should be looking forward to.  Third, I don’t read a lot of current comic books, so they help me keep track of the state of printed heroes.  Fourth, I love hearing their opinions of movies.  Finally, these guys are just funny.  These guys can take a Fast Food Adventure, a story typically involving national chain fast food joint and the funny stuff they saw, and make you roll over in laughter. 
This is the one Disney related podcast I listen to that I have been able to get friends to listen to because of their pop culture discussions. 
I don’t listen because of how regular the show drops.  There are long gaps between shows and I just let iTunes manage the download for me.  And I don’t listen because they are highly prepared with a clear show plan.  Because that clearly does not usually exist! 
So like Moustaliga, its personalities that keep me coming back. 
When I met one of my best friends for the first time we only talked about Lost, maybe I should watch it someday, and superheroes.  Sadly, we should have probably started talking about Star Wars so I could understand how lost he was.  It was a conversation that Josh and Croz could have easily have joined in.  Thanks for letting us Between Disney laugh with you! 
Avengers Assemble!

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