Friday, March 30, 2012

Dreamin' Disney - Googlin'

Betweenland is often cold, wet, dark, and too white as everything is covered with ice and snow.  Seriously, you can sled on a frozen towel in Betweenland.
Then it becomes brown and mucky and too wet.  For awhile it is pristine and green.  But shortly after Betweenland becomes so hot that you have to eat your ice cream so fast you always get a ice cream headache.  Yeah, living in Betweenland can be rough sometimes!
But there is a place where the weather is perfect.  There is a place where there is just enough snow and sun and everyday is just right.  Of course, I am referring to one of my favorite all time Disney rides, Soarin’ Over California.  Every time I queue up and carefully observe my flight attendant Patrick and his instructions, I know I am going to a place where everything is going to be beautiful with the perfect soundtrack for the moment. 
But alas I can’t duplicate this perfection at home.  Well, until now.  Glen Whelan, a Disney enthusiast familiar to fans of WDW Radio, has created Googlin’.  Googlin’ uses the soundtrack and video from the ride and images from Google Earth to provide riders in Betweenland a Soarin’ experience.   Visually, it's not a crisp HD presentation, but it is a fun diversion on a Betweenland afternoon.  But then I also insist on blowing up the video and trying to dip my toes through the river on the screen.   

Thanks to Googlin’, Glen has given us one more way to escape Betweenland and tour a California more prefect than our reality. 

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