Sunday, December 18, 2016

Between Books - Star Wars Ahsoka

Over that last three years I have criticized, poked, mocked and been frustrated by Star Wars books!  But just let me start with this simple piece of advice, go out right now and buy or borrow E.K. Johnston's Star Wars Ahsoka.  It is a choice that you will not regret.  

Star Wars Ahsoka picks up a few years after Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano finds herself in a galaxy where the Jedi are hunted by the Empire.  And despite her break from the Jedi Order she is forced to hide her abilities from both friends and foes.  Ahsoka after a run in with the Empire flees to the farming moon of Raada.  There she hopes to live quietly and alone.  But she makes the mistake of becoming friends with some of the farmers in the days before Imperial forces come to the moon to exploit the agrarian population.  Ashoka finds herself in a place she did not want to be, fighting to protect others!  But sometimes protecting those you care about is going on the run yet again!  Because the Empire has added a sinister and unknown weapon to hunt Force wielders. 

I loved this book.  It does a great job of describing Ahsoka's journey from Star Wars: The Clone Wars to Star Wars: Rebels.  The story does a good job of weaving her past while also pointing us into the future.  In many ways, I do feel like her story and Kanan's are similar with both going into hiding, connecting with others and then finding they must make a stand despite great personal risk to defend the liberty of others.  An additional subplot that readers get involved with during this story is how Ahsoka built her new white lightsabers and the significance of the color.  And like the main story the payoff is highly satisfying and fits within Ahsoka's character. 

I found the book very easy to read.  In fact, I broke my reading pattern and snapped it out of my travel backpack because I just really needed to see what would happen to Ahsoka next. I personally hope that Johnston writes more Star Wars books, and if she wrote again on Ahsoka I would anxiously await that book!

Star Wars Ahsoka is a book many Star Wars fan friends raved about.  Now I know why!  The book is a great fast-paced adventure with a character that many Star Wars fans love!  The volume also helps connect Ahsoka two separate, to date, television appearances.  It was a truly enjoyable romp!  

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