Monday, December 5, 2016

Cap's Comics - Haunted Mansion #4

Haunted Mansion #4 focuses on Constance. Joshua Williamson helps us to better understand the famed ghostly bride and perhaps some of her motivation. The Captain wishes for Danny to enter her domain, the attic, to find his treasure. But the attic could also serve as a potential escape from the Mansion’s grip. The reader follows Danny as he struggles to be brave, perhaps with some help from his spectral friends.

John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant

Williamson and Coelho continue their successful wandering through the mansion. And it definitely kept the interest of the Between Kid who instantly wanted to jump to the next chapter. The focus here really is on Constance, who is a serial killer in both her mortal and ghostly life. She is a terror to all who get near her ax, creating fear even with the Captain. And her appearance is a threat to both Danny’s mortal and spiritual existence!

Kelley Jones Variant Cover

We are at the edge of our seats as this issue ends. Can Danny leap into the next issue and provide us a resolution? Will Danny and the ghosts be free of the Haunted Mansion…or be trapped forever. Well that’s as long as they miss Constance’s ax!

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