Friday, November 6, 2015

Cap's Comics - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #3

As Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #3 opens, Abigail Bullion finds herself captured by the gang that robbed her father's gold train.  And as she discusses her situation with her captors, the real question becomes who is the real villain in this story.  The robbers swear it is her father who is the real robber, mistreating workers and the mountain.  But can her father sweet old Barnabas T. Bullion, the victim of theft, be everything the thieves claim he is.  Talking is not enough to show Abigail who the real villain of the story is, but action reveals all.  A crisis will reveal to Abigail everyone's true colors.

Brian Crosby Connecting Variant Cover
Sadly the third installment of this Dennis Hopeless Disney themed adventure is slowing down for me.  Honestly the tardiness of my review shows my general lack of enthusiasm.  Honestly, it could be because it is a Western comic, something I really do not read.  But Figment 2 definitely has help my interest when Big Thunder Mountain Railroad  has not.  Though I do still like the fact this title has a strong female hero.  And she is willing to open her mind while still standing firm for what she believes.  I just wish that a Tony Baxter modeled figure was not a questionable bad guy.

Hopefully, the next issue can help me feel connected to the parks and the roller coaster my family truly loves and have not seen for way to long.  

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