Friday, November 20, 2015

Cap's Comics - Big Thunder Mountain #4

You know what is exciting...a train robbery!  Now that is exciting!

The action in Dennis Hopeless' Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #4 heats up.  Abigail, Chandler, Onawa and Dolfo attempt to hit Barnabas T. Bullion where it hurts most, his gold.  The job is full of action and excitement.  But the robbery has consequences, and life in Rainbow Ridge gets a little tougher with Bullion upset about the loss of his property.  And we begin to question again who the real villain is.  But one thing is certain, Big Thunder Mountain is watching.  And perhaps it thinks it is time for Bullion to pay for his greed.

Brian Crosby Connecting Variant Cover

This issue really rebounded the story for me.  First and foremost there is action in multiple scenes, with the train robbery being the big moment.  Second we do get some character moments which make us question the motivations of the potential villains.  This of course is going to free up the possiblity that Bullion could find reconcillation with Abigail.  And finally we get additional story around Onawa and her motivation and links to the mountain.  And her storyline helpfs reinforce that the mountain is a character.  

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #4 heats up the action as we push to the story's conclusion.  And I for one am happy that this installment worked better for me.  And I will admit I really want this story to have a good payoff, because I am still hoping for a Jungle Cruise comic!

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