Friday, July 18, 2014

Mousey Movie Preview - Big Hero 6's First Trailer

Disney has released the first trailer for Big Hero 6.  Give it a glance to see if it gets you pumped for this superhero animated release.

Here are my general thoughts.  

First, lately Disney trailers have disappointed me.  And this is true especially for the early ones.  This trailer is okay but it does not make me want to run out and see this now.

Second, the tape gag is funny.  I am just hoping that is not the funnest part of the movie.

Third, as several have pointed out why are they not making it clear this is a Marvel property?

At the moment I am all hands on deck for Guardians of the Galaxy.  The same cannot be said for the live action little brother.  But I am still willing to be won over.  And since it is Disney, Marvel and superheros I would go if it was paint drying for 90 minutes!

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