Monday, July 28, 2014

Between Books - Funny Things Happen When You Workd for a Mouse

Funny Things Happen When You Work for a Mouse: One Man’s True Life Adventures While Working at Disneyland by Andrew B. Remnet outlines the author’s cast member career during the 1980’s.  Remnet opens the story of his vast experiences within the park as a member of the North Orange County Regional Occupational Program or ROP while taking the Entertainment Park/Tourism Careers course.  Remnet began his career working the Tomorrowland/Fantasyland Skyway for a summer.  This was followed the following summer moving from Attractions to Foods at the Tomorrowland Terrace.  This educational experience allowed Remnet to move into a permanent part time position where he worked a variety of positions including the Camera Shop, the Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, Star Tours and the Mark Twain.  Remnet shares his favorite stories and experiences including interactions with celebrities, rude guests and dangerous situations.

With a title like Funny Things Happen When You Work for a Mouse one might expect over the top humor.  And honestly, it is not that funny.  There are no belly laughs.  No this is a very factual and easy to read chronicle of the highlights of Rement’s time as a cast member.  There are interesting discussions including his interactions on the Jungle Cruise with celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Wagner.  And his time on Big Thunder Mountain includes a Michael Jackson story and participation in the filming of the Disneyland Fun sing-a-long video which includes a continuity error that he accidentally caused.  Another aspect that many will find interesting is his thoughts on the Disneyland social hierarchy as Remnet’s popularity was boosted in one day as he moved from food service to The Jungle Cruise.  There are some stories of questionable behavior including warm-up rides of Big Thunder Mountain and trying to get phone numbers from guests on Jungle Cruise.  But these are also very innocent and non-offensive.  

Funny Things Happen When You Work for a Mouse gives readers a cast member view of Disneyland in the 1980s.  The book recounts Rement’s experiences in a friendly way that can be shared with multiple ages.  For the three dollars I paid for it on Kindle, the price felt worth the risk.  Though I would not buy a print copy. And after reading you may want to stay away from fried foods for a few days.

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