Friday, February 24, 2012

Between Books - More Mouse Tales

More Mouse Tales: A Closer Peek Backstage at Disneyland by David Koenig picks up where his earlier book Mouse Tales left off.  He continues to explore the Disneyland Park and share stories of accidents, deaths, guest and cast member misbehavior and in general provides a look into the aspects of Disneyland that Disney executives would like to keep hidden from the typical guest.  Koenig shares his stories in a land by land tour of the park, linking his collected tales, from past cast members and non-Disney sources, to the attraction or show the incident occurred.  Other topics he details include a deeper look into Disney security, the business of parks and being a cast member.  Koenig laments the late 1990s in which Disney managed invested less in park infrastructure and staffing, to the detriment of the guest experience and safety. 

This book follows the same model as Mouse Tales and like the original is highly enjoyable.  Honestly, I preferred Mouse Tales more when I originally read it, but that was a time when this sort of insider look to me was a somewhat new experience.  I do believe that More Mouse Tales could serve as an enjoyable entry point to Koenig’s writings.  As with the first offering, I found this book helped me have a deeper enjoyment of the parks as it helped me see behind the scenes so I could bore my family members with useless trivia.  Especially interesting to me was Koenig’s discussion of The Jungle Cruise and changes in management and battles over spiel philosophies.  Koenig offers another informative and entertaining book that should find a home in any well rounded Disney library.   

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