Monday, October 10, 2011

Dreaming Disney – WEDway Radio

I have to be honest.  When I started listening to Disney podcasts I gave WEDway Radio a stab.  I listened to two to three episodes and then I put it aside.  I just was not at a place where it filled my needs.  I was in a furious planning mode trying to get as much planning information as I could as quick as I could.  The episodes I listened to were about Disney history, I mean seriously who is interested in that (okay, I am*)!   I didn’t need detail, how could that make my trip better?  I wanted how to get the most out of FastPass, not history.  I made a  mistake and quit listening.
Months after my vacation things had changed.  Now I was no longer planning for the future but trying to keep my connection the parks while living Between Disney.  So my podcast diet changed and some Disney podcasts that I used for planning dropped off my playlist.  Instead I looked again at podcasts that provided historical topics or those more relevant to me if I was not going to a park for a year or two.  So I gave WEDway Radio another try and I have not stopped listening since.
What I really enjoy are those historical topics that I thought I did not want earlier.  Historical show topics have included a decade by decade timeline of the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disney and George Lucas relationship, the 1964 World’s Fair, park retrospectives and more.  These topics allow me to go deeper into the back story of the Disney parks and are a real treat.  News and current events also make appearances in episodes like their Disney California Adventure progress report or interview with Bret Iwan the current voice of Mickey Mouse.  And there are even vacation planning shows in episodes that discuss vacation strategies.  Along with the podcasting, the hosts blog along with other contributors at the WEDway Radio website. 
Recently the WEDway Radio team has added another podcast “WEDway NOW” to their offerings, a podcast focusing on recent news.  I am a big fan of this recent trend for podcasts to separate news items from topical items.  This step should help WEDway Radio in keeping their content evergreen.   
One of the aspects I enjoy about this podcast is it’s not produced by a team living in Florida or California.  Like me, brothers Matt and Nate Parrish are Midwest boys.  So they do not have the ability to jump into a park every weekend or month.  Sure they talk about Disney vacations, but like most of us the trip is the exception to the rule.  They help to show you don’t have to be living right next to the park in order to live out your Disney dream.  Being Between Disney simply does not disqualify you from moving your dream forward.  So if you have a dream, don’t let your location stop you.  It has not stopped Matt and Nate and because of it many of us have been entertained and informed on a number of Disney topics. 

*I do have both a BA and MA in history, so yes I like history. 

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