Friday, October 21, 2011

Between Books – Mousejunkies!

Do you ever have someone say to you, “Are you going to Disney again?”  Have you seen the eye rolls as you discuss your vacation or love of Disney parks?  Do you feel like no one understands you ad you discuss “ADRs”, “Extra Magic Hours”, or “Fastpass.”  Do all of your friends and family believe you have snapped since as a grown adult you talk about wanting to spend more time at the home of a cartoon mouse?  Stand tall, you are not alone.  And Mousejunkies! is the book that shows you that there are more people like you than you think. 
Bill Burke in Mousejunkies!: More Tips, Tales, & Tricks for a Disney World Fix updates his unique guidebook of the Walt Disney World Resort for the Disney obsessed.  After establishing answers to some simple questions, like why he hates Figment (his reasoning is very compelling), Burke jumps right into changes that have occurred or will soon occur or may not occur at all in the Disney parks since the first edition.  He then introduces what a Mousejunkie is and his fellow Mousejunkies who aided him with the writing of the book, including their specialties, which range from traveling as a teen to price is no-object touring.  Burke and his cohort then charge forward on vacationing basics ranging from weather, crowds, food, accommodations, and attractions in every park, naps, kids, getting sick on vacation and much much more.  Most of the overviews are straight to the point, not providing too much or too little information.  These overviews are often accompanied by advice from the Mousejunkies.  Additionally the text is sprinkled with segments like “Mousejunkie U” with facts about Disney, “The Straight Dope” clear concise advice on how Walt Disney World works, and “Awesome/Stupid Disney Idea” in which Burke shares well his crazy stupid awesome ideas on improving the Disney experience. 
So what is Mousejunkies!?  First it is a guidebook.  It has the essentials that any vacationer would need to know about planning a Disney vacation.  This includes overviews of food, attractions and accommodations.  This planning guide includes checklist for basics that vacationers need to pack, reserve and consider when preparing for a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort.  Second in is a humorous travel book.  I had many a hearty chuckle as I read Burke’s and his Mousejunkies’ stories and advice.  Even though I feel comfortable with my planning ability I still really enjoyed this book just in reading the funny anecdotes the Mousejunkies provided.  Finally, Mousejunkies is a manifesto.  Burke has identified who we are as Mousejunkies, makes it clear that more of us exist than we thought in the wild, and gives us permission to glory in our obsession. 
There are two audiences for this book.  First, newbies who are looking for advice on traveling to the Walt Disney World Resort from experienced Disney travelers.  There is a lot of information in this book, but again it’s not so detailed that it will scare off the first time Disney traveler.  For example, the menus may not be as in-depth as but it’s enough to help a vacationer decide if they want to eat at a specific restaurant.  And for these readers, Mousejunkies! will be a very helpful primer with plenty of solid vacation advice.  The second audience is the experienced Disney traveler who are likely to see this book in four stages.  Stage 1) Hey, these Mousejunkies speak my language.  Stage 2) Hey, this is really funny, I love puns about my favorite vacation destination.  Stage 3) I definitely agree/disagree with this piece of advice.  I would always/never share this advice myself.  Stage 4) You know I have heard of (insert Disney activity here) but I have never truly considered it for my family.  I think both potential audiences for this book will be highly satisfied with this guidebook with some extra punch!

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