Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dreaming Disney - Disney History Institute Podcast

If you are a Disney fan, it is a must. If you are a theme parks fan, it is a must. If you are a history fan, it is a must. If you are a story fan, it is a must. If you like to hear about creatives, it is a must.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about the podcast I have always wanted and did not know existed for over three years.

My newest podcast recommendation to everyone is the Disney History Institute Podcast. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. I have gotten friends who do not like Disney to binge episodes because the stories and production are just that good!

Disney History Institute Podcast by Todd J. Peirce is predominantly audio versions of Peirce’s articles from the Disney History Institute website. Along with Peirce’s well written articles is quality production with supporting audio beds and Peirce’s voice that helps pull you into a story. I have experimented a bit with scripted podcast episodes, and it is not as easy as it seems. But this podcast combines quality content with strong production values. It is convincing enough that I had to buy his book!

The content is basically audio presentations of Peirce's articles. I will be honest, though they have been available in text form, I have not read them. These articles are somewhat big at times and I do not have the time to sit online and read these articles in depth (yeah it is kind of ironic with this being a blog and all). So this audio presentation has given these articles a second life. But the best part is you really do feel like you are getting pulled into a story with Peirce serving as the storyteller. The topics fascinate me with me telling everyone to go listen to “The Bible Storyland Fiasco” immediately. I love this history which balances defects in personalities with the humorous thoughts of a Jungle Cruise Garden of Eden ride completely with sexism. The Disney fan will be drawn to the multipart expose on the Yippie Invasion, the infamous Studio field day, and glimpses into Walt Disney’s life. I will admit, after hearing his piece on Ruth Shellhorn I find myself kicking myself for not knowing more of her Disney story. Additionally, along with his articles, Pierce shares interview audio of Disney legends like Harriet Burns, Blaine Gibson, and Jack Lindquist.

The only real complaint is frequency. The episodes post when Peirce has one ready. So it is possible for long gaps. But it is good free content. A friend did point out to me that “Walt’s First Park Part 1” was never followed by a Part 2. But I found myself arguing, but buddy it’s free. My friend did go online to read the second part of the story.

Disney History Institute Podcast by Todd J. Peirce is my new favorite podcast I did not know existed. If you are a Disney fan, you need to subscribe now so when a new episode drops it is pushed to you. Because you will both learn and be entertained by this audio presentation.

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