Monday, February 13, 2017

Cap's Comics - Enchanted Tiki Room #2

Enchanted Tiki Room #2 shows us quickly that there is trouble in paradise.  Agnes may no longer wish her dog Alfred can talk, seeing as he has nothing but unfaltering things to say.  Yes, dog is not woman's best friend!  The bird band has members in revolt, and maybe a orange friend can join in?  The Randy Family do something that money cannot buy...hug!  Chip's big debut may have fallen flat.  And Wally, well he's barely in the issue.  And also absent is the island trespasser!  Yep, things are not going well and someone may do something desperate to regain their place on the enchanted tropical island.

Jason Grandt Connecting Cover Variant

Again, this is a funny book.  And adults can enjoy the humor.  I did chuckle as the Randy family, well, touched!  I guess love cannot be bought with money.  It definitely made me laugh and so did the Between Kid.  I also enjoyed the Disney Easter Eggs including a growing presence for the Little Orange Bird.

John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant
My biggest worry with the book is there is a lot going on.  It could be too much.  Wally is basically non-existent in the book.  In fact, Wally gets one panel!  Unless I am wrong and she is hiding in the shadows, our cliffhanger new character never shows in the entire issue.  Which makes it frustrating that we have to wait for at least one more issue to get any answers to what her presence is about.  In short the story has to service five if not six story lines and I worry that a mini-series may not do the bulk of them justice.

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Enchanted Tiki Room is keeping me for the laughs.  But I do worry that Jon Adams and Horacio Domingues' story could be too ambitious.  In the end, Fantasy Island was really just about three story lines.  I am just worrying that this comic has 2 stories too many.  But still, I am smiling.  

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