Friday, December 11, 2015

Between Books - The Weapon of a Jedi

It is less than a month to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Betweenland is all excited.  So all things, okay many things, are keeping me on “The Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens” including Between Books.

The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure by Jason Fry is targeted at getting young people ready for the film.  The book starts with a Force Awakens era pilot hearing a story of Luke Skywalker as told by C-3PO.  The promised tale covers the first time Luke drew his lightsaber in battle.  The story flashes back to Luke, C-3PO and RD-D2 on a secret mission for the Rebellion after the Battle of Yavin.  Luke however is drawn by the force to abandon his mission and journey to the planet Devaron so he can become better acquainted with the Force.  Luke has to face off against Imperial and local threats while continuing his Jedi self-study.

The Weapon of a Jedi is clear, easy to read and a little dull.  Luke does face off against some threats.  But much of the action is Luke in some training scenes.  It is a good story for a 10 to 12 year old, I know I would have eaten it up.  Though I am concerned one can read the story to say if you get a strong hunch maybe you should abandon an important task.  Older readers will probably find their minds wandering.  I was frustrated that the illustrations by Phil Noto were misplaced and spoiled the coming twists at some portions.  I do not feel I really got much of a hint to the future movie.

The Weapon of a Jedi is a fine book for young readers set in the galaxy far far away. The book would acquaint people better with Luke and his relationship with the Force.  And young readers will have a better understanding of how he became a Jedi with some light action.  Older readers would likely prefer Heir to the Jedi instead.  

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