Monday, July 13, 2015

Between Books - Lords of the Sith

Usually we think of Darth Vader as the hunter.  But in Lords of the Sith, Vader is in fact the prey.  And readers discover what happens when the galaxy's apex predator is targeted.

In Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp, the Emperor and Darth Vader are forced to challenge the growing resistance on the planet Ryloth led by Cham Syndulla.  Syndulla is an expert strategist and his attacks while not fracturing the Empire is at least causing it a black eye.  The Emperor himself prepares to visit Ryloth and brings Darth Vader with him to make a show of force to the oppressed world.  Syndulla discovers this visit, using his expert spy network, and launches an attack against the two Sith lords that puts them in peril in the safety of a Star Destroyer and the wilds of Ryloth itself.  All the while, Vader attempts to show his loyalty to his Master and escape the memories of his past life as a Jedi.

Cham Syndulla is important to Star Wars fans.  Cham is the father of Hera Syndulla of Star Wars: Rebels.  So it helps provide background on how Hera became both a rebel and a great strategist as her father seems to be thinking several moves before his competition.  Most of all, it might be Cham that taught Hera compassion!  While he is a great military leader he is also a greater man.  And his plans actually do put the Lords of the Sith at risk, though the tension is eased by the fact that one knows neither can die.

At times the Sith do seem invincible.  And this is especially true as we see Vader through the Rebels eyes.  Vader takes a some physical steps that no one would expect if they just saw the movies.  The Rebels keep questioning who is this man that he can stand against them like he does, and completes incredible and terrifying feats.  Having seen Star Wars: The Clone Wars I knew that Aiken could do massive jumps and move large objects.  But for the Rebels these moves strike terror, often before someone dies.

Lords of the Sith is another Star Wars borrow for me.  The book became more interesting as it progressed. And the relationship dynamics of the two Sith was fairly interesting.  But in the end, while I am glad I visited this book I cannot see myself re-reading it again in the future. 

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