Monday, July 27, 2015

Cap's Comics - Lando #1

Lando Calrissian has always been everyone's second favorite smuggler in the Star Wars' universe.  And now Marvel is giving fans a chance to see his adventures before he hit the big screen.  Will it all be smooth talking and trouble free?

As "Lando Part I" opens, our hero is enjoying some private time with his lady.  It turns out that his lady is an Imperial Moff, a mass murderer and someone who enjoys precious stones.  Lando had plans to liberate some of her art and repay a debt.  But when repayment does not meet his needed terms, Lando and his partner Lobot pull together a team for the big heist that should put them ahead again.  The heist though could lead to undesired Imperial entanglements.

First and foremost what gets my attention is Lobot.  Lobot talks!  Lobot and Lando are super tight and even have titles for each other that show how close these partners are.  Lobot is not just a lackey, he is a near equal to the future administrator of Cloud City.  Additionally, we find out why Lobot is enhanced.  I do not know why but I have always been interested in Lobot, so getting official Lobot back story including an explanation of why he is enhanced was totally in my wheelhouse.  

Second, Lando is smooth.  And that goes with his ladies, his nemesis and finally his crew!  He is just one man using his sly tongue to get himself ahead in the world.  And do not tell anyone but I might like this Lando story more than the version on Star Wars: Rebels.

I am not always a big fan of writer Charles Soule, though I think this is a strong offering for him.  The art by Alex Maleev is strong and fits the caper story.  But it may be a little scratchy for my personal tastes.  But again, it does visually feel like a caper! 

The big question is will I continue with Lando, buy the Lando trade or borrow from the library.  I liked this a lot more than Princess Leia, which ended well.  I took that series all the way to its conclusion.  So I think I will try the same here, so I am in for at least two more issue.  And by then I might as well finish it off. 

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