Friday, April 17, 2015

Cap's Comics - Star Wars Volume 4 #3

"Skywalker Strikes" Part III in Star Wars #3 by Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday appears to conclude the first arc in the Star Wars return to Marvel.  Honestly, I found myself a little shocked that the first story ended in three issues since Dark Horse took a year to tell their first significant story in their last Star Wars volume. 

The rebels are on the run as they set the power core of the Empire's largest weapons factory to overload and explode.  But it is far from an easy escape.  Luke dodges stormtroopers on a speeder bike.  Han and Leia are on the run from Darth Vader in a AT-AT.  And Chewbecca and C-3PO appear to have been eliminated.  And of course while the Empire is chasing our heroes, we have to ask how will they escape with the freed slaves.  The action climaxes as we wonder if the Rebel plan will succeed.  

Sometimes when watching television or reading comics I get tense.  I have to admit there is some tension let out of the bag in this story.  While well written, it is difficult to picture any of the major characters at risk!  I know they all make it for at least three more movies (and one of those has not even been released yet).  Maybe this story needs a character like Evaan from Star Wars: Princess Leia who can be lost and be meaningful.  Honestly, one of the best aspect of Star Wars: Rebels is the cast are all blank slates that I do not know the fates of.  Here, as much as I enjoyed the story, I really did not feel like there was risk.  Honestly, one of my favorite moments of this issue might have been the hint of what is to come in the next one!  

This issue really does hang on action.  And I like action.  But sometimes if felt like the action was a little clipped.  It seemed as jumpy as a Bourne movie.  Again, I enjoyed this issue very much.  But maybe this should have been a four issue arc and not a three issue story.

As the first arc of Marvel's new Star Wars comes to a close, I am still really excited about the marriage of LucasFilm and Marvel under the Disney umbrella.  Comics is such a great medium for Star Wars content and I do find myself wondering if in the future if I will be reading Star Wars titles instead of superhero titles on a monthly issue basis. 

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