Friday, April 24, 2015

Cap's Comics - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #2

Abigail Bullion finds herself trapped in a collapsing Big Thunder gold mine at Rainbow Ridge.  Abigail and the man in the red bandanna attempt to make their escape from the mine, while romantic tension swirls.  In the midst the situation is dangerous, the man in the red-mask shares his belief that the mountain is angry, much like Chandler in the first issue.  Once out of the mine, Abigail finds that some of her father's gold has been stole by a group of red-masked bandits.  The young hero makes an attempt to catch the bandits, with a cliffhanger that leaves the reader questioning Abigail's safety. 

Connecting Variant Cover

I treat Disney Kingdoms as an all-ages affair.  So I read these issues to the Between Kid as my first read and get my first impressions from that experience.  I found myself questioning if the Between Kid's interest was being held in the first act when the story really did turn to a romantic feel.  The Kid stuck to it, which totally surprised me.  In the end, I think it was trains, rifles and horse chases that kept the interest...or maybe the time with Dad.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #2 was probably my least favorite Disney Kingdoms issue.  But it was still a good read, and one that kept an young interest.  

Dennis Hopeless continues to grow Abigail as a strong female hero.  She rides horses, she uses physics, and she jumps trains.  But she is still able to find time for romantic awkwardness and ask the obvious questions, "What's with the mask?"  Though I do believe we all knew who the masked man was before the reveal.  Now we just question motive, which I am guessing will be complicated. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #2 is another good offering from Disney Kingdoms.  Hopeless provides a professional grade story while Tigh Walker continues to provide well-matched art.  I am clearly going to stick around for issue #3 as I drink my Disney Kingdoms cool-aid!

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