Friday, February 13, 2015

Between Books - Dark Rides Volume One

Do you like Fifty Shades of Grey?  Do you like Disney Parks?  If you answered yes this might be the book for you!

Dark Rides Volume One: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures by Blu Carson is a collection of erotic tales which take place in Walt Disney World.  Every story is accompanied by a cocktail recipe to help set the readers mood.  The stories seem to follow Blu Carson has she has intimate adventures within the resort property.  Each tale appears to be focused within specific locations of the park with details of the actual location helping to set the scene for the reader. 

Here is my essential problem, this book is just not relevant to my interest.  From what I saw when I thumbed through it the book appears clear.  But the subject matter, much like that movie/book I mentioned earlier does not catch my fancy.  I am simply a more immature reader, I read a lot of comic books.  And so this this title is not for me.  I think for those who like erotic romance books and Disney parks this will be a winner.  But I honestly did not read enough for me to even give the book a rating.

The book is part of the Bambooniverse.  And a press release notes that Blaine McKinnon appears in the book.  But as the release also notes not everyone who enjoys the Bambooniverse will likely be fans of this edgier offering which has led Bamboo Forest to start a new imprint Dark Rides Press.  And for someone who likes the R rated books from Bamboo Forest, a separate line to help distinguish the rating of the book of R vs NC-17 seems like a helpful tool to help me determine which titles I would be interested in.  

In the end, Dark Rides appears to be a book targeted at Disney fans who enjoy erotic romance literature.  And I think based on the opening of a movie today this book will find an audience.  And for the intended audience the Kindle version priced at $2.99 will likely be a popular pick-up. 

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write about the book. I'm sorry that it didn't appeal to you, but if you read the beginning of the Luau or Birthday Present Adventures, you may find it gives you a smile or two.
    After reading the first two 50 Shades books, I'd have to say that my book is nothing like that series (which may be unfortunate since it's made millions). The 50 Shades books seem to revolve around a lot of angst, turmoil and drama much like a soap opera story line. Dark Rides is about sexual adventure, fun, laughter, and happiness with a mix of Disney nostalgia sprinkled in.
    Can't win 'em all but thank you for appreciating that it can me a "winner" for the right audience.
    Blu Carson