Friday, September 26, 2014

Mousey Movie Preview - Big Hero 6's Second Trailer

Disney has just released the second trailer for Big Hero 6:

What did you think?  Here are some of my thoughts:
  • This is my favorite trailer to date.  I finally feel like we have a story.
  • The Between Kid is standing next to me singing over and over again, "on top of the world."  So I think they are winning.
  • The Between Tween is already guessing who the bad guy is.
  • This really does feel like it is an animation studio original with nothing to do with Marvel.  
  • Baymax feels like someone I can cheer for.
  • Hey...we finally saw some more of the team!  Yeah, I still don't know much if anything about them.
  • There's a lot of day I want to say,  "I am not fast!"
A lot of early Disney trailers have not worked for me.  And I may not have been overly impressed with the teaser.  But this worked for me and I can finally say, I want to see that.  

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