Friday, September 5, 2014

Cap's Comics - Figment #4

Alas friends, things do not look well for Blarion Mercurial, Figment or all of London.  In the last issue Blarion and company escaped the Sound Sprites, but their escape led them right into the Nightmare Nation.  And in this installment, our heroes face the consequences of entering a realm of bad dreams.  For each of our company the attack is very powerful and emotionally draining. Meanwhile in London the Singular and his Clockwork Army are enforcing order on London.  The consequences for disorder are very painful and I am guessing right now Chairman Illocrant wishes his imagination was not so orderly.  The issue ends with the reader wondering how and if Blarion and his friends, at least the ones that escape the Nightmare Nation, can free London from orderly control and bring a little chaos.

Let me first say the Between Kid is not a fan for things that are not Disney Infinity, Lego Marvel Superheroes or YouTube videos about those games.  But for Figment there were no complaints about settling down to read a book.  In fact this time I made my first pass on the issue with the Between Kid instead of alone.  The first significance is engaging a kid and getting them to leave their valuable video game research for a story about imagination!  Okay, the big deal is no complaints about reading.  But there is another significance.  The Between Kid has not seen Figment in any incarnation inside a theme park.  And the Between Kid likes Figment a lot.  Now I know a lot of Disney fans have enjoyed the title because it is extending the story of the beloved Figment.  But I think it is important to note that for some Disney fans this comic is their first taste of Figment, and they like it.

Yet again Jim Zub has presented a well written story.  And despite the fact that it is a "scary", we are talking about Nightmare Nation, it is still a strong all-ages story.  Honestly, it may be Figment's reactions as he faces this threat that may help kids feel less scared despite the fact the little guy is in danger.  I really enjoyed Filipe Andrade's art in this issue in representing the Nightmare Nation.  As each hero is tortured, I could imagine a booming voice to accompany the formations in the sky.  Sorry, I don't want to give it away.  But it is a very imaginative way to communicate dialogue in a story about a fantastic land of imagination.

I am ready for next month.  I want to see what Blarion does to save London.  I want to see how Figment functions on a grander scale in our world.  But what I really want to know is what is next for the Disney Kingdom's series.  If you told me another series of Figment was coming I would be very happy.  But I am also more than willing to try another park's based title.  But I really want this experiment to keep going...and maybe get us a yearly installment of Figment.

Yeah, so we have an older and more mature Blarion.  And he has to fight demons in a museum of strange things.  Yes, yes...and let's just keep the ball rolling!

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