Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mousey Moview Review - Frozen

As I sit here at the computer, it is snowing. And I mean it is cats and dogs snowing. So it makes it a perfect time to reflect on the story of Elsa and Anna in Frozen, because it really looks like the landscape outside could have been crafted by Elsa herself.

In Frozen, Elsa and Anna are two close sisters who love to play together. But in an accident in their youth, Elsa withdraws from her sister. You see Elsa has the ability to make ice and snow and her (cough cough) mutant ability harms Anna. So she hides and seeks to control her power with the help of her parents the King and Queen of Arendelle. After their parents die, Elsa is crowned Queen of the kingdom when she comes of age. But her coronation goes poorly and her ability is exposed and she goes on the run. Anna, leaves her fiancé Prince Hans, to run the kingdom as she seeks out Anna. Along her journey she meets ice salesman Kristoff, reindeer Sven and snowman Olaf. Can Anna save her family and her kingdom in this Mousey Movie:

  • Wide Eyes: What struck me most about the character models in Frozen? Why it was traditional large eyes of course! Disney has a tradition of models with eyes out of proportion to real people and this film follows that tradition. And it works, those eyes are super emotional and help convey the feeling of the story. Ariel would be proud!

  • Fantasyland: Oh Arendelle, can I visit you? Wait maybe I have and your alias is Fantasyland! Arendelle (okay the whole movie) is gorgeous. And I really feel that the castle and the village made me feel like I was in a Fantasyland like setting. Yes, Fantasy Like. It is not a clone of the in park experience but I did feel like if they ever wanted to build a Frozen attraction themed to the movie it could easily fit in. Additionally, the Between Wife and I agreed, a lot of the big landscapes are majestic and would look really good in World of Color.

  • Throw Out the Rulebook: Everyone knows the rules of the princess movie; good behavior and true love. Well, I will say that the behavior of Elsa and Anna are far from proper in every way. As children they actually were, well kids. In fact if anything is really causing Elsa internal struggle it is the need to be perfect in her behavior to avoid showing who she is (in today’s Marvel Universe she would be sent to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning to learn about her power and controlling it not hiding it). And as adults Anna is silly, and honestly childish. But they still hold true to essentially having a heart for others, even a broken heart, and taking risks for those they care about. My favorite rule changer is True Love. Frozen openly mocks the idea of love at first site. And the eventual act of love needed to be seen on the screen is far from what Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella experienced.

  • King Candy: So is Alan Tudyk on studio contract now? Tudyk voices the Duke of Weselton, it is not pronounced the way you think! The Duke is creepy and definitely setup for comedy relief in the story, in the same sort of way that King Candy is in Wreck-It-Ralph. I hope like Ed Wynn, who Tudyk channeled in Wreck-It-Ralph, we continue to see Tudyk in Disney productions.

  • Nick Fury: Marvel Cinematic Universe fans rejoice! Frozen has an end credit scene. Sure, it does not feature Nick Fury moving a franchise big agenda. But it is worth sitting through the credits to see it. And watch the credits carefully in the last minute or so of them running. There is a disclaimer that corrects a controversial generalization that the movie makes! Honestly as Disney has made clear this movie is full of Easter Eggs, from the cast of Tangled to the head cheese himself (maybe).

I really liked Frozen and I look forward to seeing it again. I honestly still liked Tangled a little better, but this film was still a hit with me. The fact that I liked it so much surprised me since I was not thrilled with the trailers at all, mostly because they first trailer really did not show me what the movie was really about. And it is a hit with the Between Kids. The oldest is pleased that we now have the Frozen Disney Infinity set, with Anna as the go to character. And the youngest has been running around telling us about the joy of warm hugs.

Yep, it is cold out here in Betweenland. The best way to deal with the chill is to get in the spirit and take in a showing of Frozen.

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