Friday, July 20, 2012

Dreaming Disney - Once Upon a Time Season Two Preview

Once Upon a Time Logo

For the Between Family ABC’s Once Upon a Time has become event television in the age of the DVR.  It is the only one show that we watch as near to live as possible (we attempt to start it late enough that we can still fast forward through commercials but end with the live audience).  We just cannot get enough.
At the San Diego Comic Con, ABC released this teaser for Season 2.

Henry makes it clear, Storybrooke may have magic but the end of their problems are far from over.  We have heard we can expect the following in season 2:
·         The nautical legend highlighted in the trailer
·         An expanded role for Belle
·         The casting of Mulan, Sleeping Beauty and Jack of Beanstalk fame
·         A trip to the land of Oz
·         Reveals of Henry’s father, Baelfire’s fate, and Doctor Whale’s true identity
Personally all this news makes me very excited.  The role of Belle makes me wonder if we will see a kinder gentler Rumplestiltskin or will he be out for revenge since the Evil Queen took his love away from him.  Will we see more Mad Hatter, a character whose grayness fascinates me?   Could Tinkerbell and Peter Pan be far behind this initial casting news?  Will the identity of the Red Queen from Wonderland be revealed?
Here are two things I am willing to make solid bets on.  First, magic will complicate Storybrooke.  Our characters have been away from magic and their former lives for a long enough gap that the magic will lead to struggles between old and new identities and relationships.  Second, I am pretty confident that the flashback scenes will feature how Snow White and Prince Charming took the kingdom from the king, which did not result in the king’s death since he is present in Storybrooke!  Of course that is another complicating matter as the king and those that overthrew him are living in the same small Maine community. 
I don’t know about you, but I am very excited that season two is just a few months away and that season one will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on August 28th.

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