Monday, May 28, 2012

Between Books - Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise

I hate Tom Bricker!
I hate that my last Facebook cover was created by Tom Bricker, that my current was created by Tom Bricker, and that the next will be created by Tom Bricker!
I hate that my best pins on Pinterest have Tom Bricker’s name behind them!
I hate that unlike creatives like Designerland and Bricker I lack an eye for creating artistic pieces and I am stuck appreciating the work of others instead of truly creating.
Yes Tom Bricker, you are on my list! 
Bricker in Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise provides readers with a glimpse into the 2012 “One More Disney Day” held on Leap Day.  He provides over 200 pictures taken in the park during this one single day, be it a long day even for Disneyland.  The pictures are organized not by themes like the hour of the day or land in which the shot was taken, but around which shots are pleasing together.  Some pages consist of single pictures which generally are ones that instantly transport you into the park.  Along with his pictures, Bricker provides commentary on the shots including location, perhaps time of day, or historical tidbits about the subject of his picture. 
As much as I hate Bricker and his creativity, these pictures are fantastic.  He provides shots that will take you back to the park no matter where you read the book in Betweenland.  And they are photos you will want to share with others, after my first read the Between Family all sat down to scroll through the book which lead to conversations about our own Disney Parks memories.  There are photographic subjects which reoccur throughout the book.  For example, one may say that multiple shots of Sleeping Beauty Castle are going to get old fast, instead I found that each shot of the castle though centered on the same subject brought a unique look at the Disneyland “Wienie” and honestly never got old.  And every Disney fan would be happy to have many of these shots as framed prints on their walls, perhaps claiming they personally took them.
Maybe I really don’t hate Tom Bricker after all!  Maybe I am actually a fan!   
If I could make any special requests, I would have loved a shot of the Firehouse at night, with Walt’s lamp glowing and a shot of the plaque from the Main Street U.S.A. entry arch.  Of course, that’s because taking those shots are part of my traditions and would love really well composed shots of each.  Honestly, my pictures of both are pretty touristy.
Sample Page of Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise

Disneyland: Sunrise to Sunrise is an eBook which you can buy direct from Touring Plans.  And it did cause me minor issues, I tend to be a physical book guy and not an eBook reader.  So I did struggle to get it into my eReader, struggles that ended the moment I had my “duh” moment and easily pulled the file into iTunes.  Trust me, if I can do it so can you.  I found that I preferred reading the book horizontally and not vertically, which on my reader gave the pictures and text better scale onto the screen.  Additionally, I found I really enjoyed skimming through the book on my home computer, which gave the pictures the maximum space needed to live. 
For me in Betweenland, it was never an option to attend “One More Disney Day.”   Instead I do feel like I had an opportunity to participate, following other Disney enthusiasts like Tom Bricker on Twitter and bugging a friend who is Disney Adjacent and went to the park after work.  Personally I am thrilled for the opportunity to have a photographic souvenir from that one very long operational day in an affordable and mobile package.
Mr. Bricker maybe we can reconcile if you put a nighttime picture of the firehouse on Pintrest.  It would go a long way towards apologizing for reminding me how poorly my photos look. 
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